JANAF oil pipeline and storage system

The JANAF oil pipeline and storage system was built as an international crude oil transportation system from the Omišalj Terminal to both local and foreign refineries in South Eastern and Central Europe.

The pipeline designed capacity amounts to 34 million tons of crude oil transported annually (MTA), while the installed capacity is 24 MTA. The system was built for the needs of the refineries in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (24 MTA), as well as for the users in Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia (10 MTG).

The total capacity of its storage tank farm amounts today to 2 100 000 mfor crude oil and 242 000 mfor petroleum products. 

The system consists of the following:

  • crude oil handling terminal at Omišaljon the island of Krk, with two berths for tankers receipt, storage tank farm for crude oil and petroleum products, accompanying pumping and metering stations, as well as road loading facility for petroleum products loading on road tanks; 
  • crude oil handling terminals at Sisak, Virje and Slavonski Brodwith storage tank farm for crude oil at the Sisak and Virje Terminals and the accompanying pumping and metering stations; 
  • 631 km long pipeline, comprising the following sections: 
    Omišalj - Sisak
    Sisak - Virje - Gola (Hungarian border)
    Virje – Lendava (Slovenian border)
    Sisak - Slavonski Brod
    Slavonski Brod - Sotin (Serbian border)
    Slavonski Brod- Bosanski Brod (Bosnian and Herzegovinian border) 
    Podmorski naftovod Omišalj-Urinj (INA Rijeka Oil Refinery) 
  • Žitnjak Terminal in Zagreb, for petroleum products storage with rail tank and road tank transfer facilities for delivery, receipt and dispatch of petroleum products.