JANAF’s presents to elementary school children on the occasion of Earth Day

22.04.2008. 10:48

Zagreb – On the occasion of this year Earth Day which is celebrated around the world, thus also in Croatia, on 22 April of each year, JANAF Plc. decided to make an appropriate donation to the elementary schools of the towns in which the JANAF terminals are located, by giving presents to the first grade pupils.

Supporting the world initiative of Earth Day celebration and wishing to emphasize the importance of the environment protection and preservation, JANAF shall, through its action, provide presents for the youngest, namely for almost 1.300 first grade pupils in more than 20 elementary schools at Omišalj, Virje, Sisak and Slavonski Brod. The first grade pupils will be given T-shirts with adequate environmental slogan, as well as caps, while the Oil & Gas Book will be donated for the needs of school libraries.

By this action intended for the youngest, JANAF wished to symbolically point out the importance of developing the awareness of the children and the young on the environment protection and its importance for human survival on the Earth, as well as to remind the adults of the necessity of understanding and listening the nature in order to preserve it for the future.

The action of giving presents to the school children started in the elementary school Hugo Badalić in Slavonski Brod, where on Friday, 18 April 2008, the Chairman of the JANAF Management Board, Mr. Ante Markov with his closest associates gave to Ms. Zdenka Mališa, the school head-master, the above mentioned T-shirts and caps, together with the painting kit for the first grade pupils, the Oil & Gas Book for the school library, as well as the monocular and binocular microscope, as a gift to the school cabinet of chemistry and biology.

Wishing to maintain a close cooperation with local communities as socially responsible company, JANAF has, by organizing such educational activity, demonstrated its awareness on existence of the environmental protection issues and its own care for the environment, as well as its wish to educate also the youngest on that matter, so that every human activity could remain in total harmony with the nature.

Earth Day has been celebrated worldwide since 22 April 1970, while its celebration in Croatia has been held, through organization of various manifestations and events, since 1990.