JANAF’s greatest investment started by construction site opening at Omišalj Terminal

21.02.2011. 15:55

Omišalj – Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor opened today, 21 February 2011, the construction site intended for construction of three new crude oil storage tanks at JANAF’s Omišalj Terminal. Thus, Croatian Prime Minister Kosor marked the commencement of works within the JANAF’s greatest investment project of upgrade/reconstruction of the storage tank farm at the Omišalj Terminal.

At the opened construction site the works shall commence related to the activities of foundation and preparatory works to be followed by the commencement of construction of the first three crude oil storage tanks upon the bidding procedure of the contractor’s selection to be conducted during mid-May of this year. Furthermore, the public bidding procedure for construction of the first three new storage tanks is under way and closes on 16 March 2011.

These activities mark the beginning of the JANAF’s greatest investment project involving the construction at the Omišalj Terminal of 8 (eight) crude oil storage tanks in total, with capacity of 80.000 m3 each (640.000 m3 in total), as well as the oil products storage tanks having the total capacity of up to 100.000 m3. The entire investment to be undertaken at the Omišalj Terminal values a billion kunas (HRK) in total and it is expected to end by the year 2015. Newly built storage tanks will be used for storing the national compulsory stocks, as well as for the commercial purposes.

“We are proud of the fact that the realization of our investment projects will mean new jobs and employment opportunities and will be an incentive to the development of the entire Croatian economy”, pointed out Ante Markov, Chairman of the JANAF Management Board.

Prime Minister Kosor seized this opportunity to visit the Omišalj Terminal and be informed on Terminal’s operation, i.e. the tanker accommodation procedure, crude oil reloading operations, storage and transport of crude oil. Prime Minister also visited the Control Centre at the Terminal administrative building, where she was informed on the technological procedures in the oil pipeline system operation.

Moreover, in the last few years JANAF has initiated a huge investment cycle related also to the expansion of the storage capacities for crude oil and oil products intended for the national compulsory stocks and for commercial purposes as well. The investments relate to the plan of expanding the storage capacities for crude oil and oil products at the terminals of Omišalj, Sisak, Virje, Slavonski Brod and Žitnjak.

At present JANAF has 1.060.000 m3 of storage tanks capacities for storing crude oil and 100.000 m3 of storage tanks for oil products storing. The plan is to increase the capacities of crude oil storage tanks for further 1,12 million m3, while the storage tanks capacities for oil products are planned to be increased for 260.000 m3. The capital investments within the next five years in the storage capacities are estimated to around 1,6 billion kunas.