TAL General Director visits JANAF's Omišalj Terminal

07.09.2022. 13:14

Zagreb – JANAF's Board Member Vladislav Veselica held a meeting with the General Director of TAL (Transalpine pipeline) Alessio Lilli at JANAF's Omišalj Terminal today, on 7 September 2022.

On this occasion, TAL representatives were acquainted with JANAF's oil pipeline and storage system and its technical and technological characteristics, as well as JANAF's strategic role on the energy map of the EU and neighboring countries. The meeting also served to underline the importance of collaboration between JANAF and TAL for the safe supply of crude oil to the EU and to arrange further technical collaboration.

The meeting held between TAL and JANAF representatives at the Omišalj Terminal is a reciprocal visit. In July this year, JANAF representatives visited the TAL headquarters in Trieste, where they had the opportunity to learn more about the technical capabilities of this oil pipeline system, which annually transports 45 million tonnes of crude oil to refineries in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic.