Statement of the Management Board of JANAF Plc.

28.09.2020. 15:00

Zagreb – Statement of the Management Board of JANAF Plc.:

“In the times to come for the Croatian economy, the Management Board and employees of JANAF Plc. will invest their knowledge and experience for the Company to operate stably in a coming period and thus to contribute to the achievement of good business results for the Company and to make a significant contribution to the economic progress in Croatia. This is supported by the fact that the contracts on transport and storage are signed for the years ahead, which indicates that JANAF is recognised as a safe and reliable partner in the energy sector both in the Republic of Croatia and on the European energy map.”

We point out that JANAF Plc. concluded, for the forthcoming period, the contracts on crude oil transport with INA and MOL, while the contracts on crude oil storage are concluded with the Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency, INA, MOL, Glencore, Petraco and Litasco, and for the storage of petroleum products with the Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency and Crodux.