26.05.2021. 15:53

Zagreb – JANAF Plc. and OMV Supply & Trading Ltd. concluded the Framework Contract on crude oil storage on the Omišalj Terminal for the period of two years and the storage capacity of up to 99.000 m³.

“The conclusion of the crude oil storage contract with OMV is the confirmation of the strong export orientation of our company, which obtains over 60% of the revenues from the core business by doing business with foreign clients. Moreover, we wish to indicate that it is the first contract on crude oil storage with OMV, which is a prominent vertically integrated oil company in this part of Europe. The new contract ensures further filling of our storage capacities and stable operation on the long run”, pointed out the JANAF Management Board, headed by the Chairman of the Board, Stjepan Adanić, MSc. and the Member of the Board, Vladislav Veselica, expressing the content with the conclusion of the contract with such respectable oil company. 

Corporate Communications