JANAF signs contracts with INA, DELTA-OIL INTERNATIONAL and Rijeka Trans

11.07.2022. 15:53

Zagreb – JANAF Plc. and INA Plc. signed an annex to the Contract for crude oil transport for the period until 31 December 2022. Under the annex, INA has reserved JANAF’s transport capacities during this period for 960.000 tonnes of crude oil under the take-or-pay principle.

JANAF Plc. and DELTA-OIL INTERNATIONAL Ltd. also signed an annex to the Contract for the storage of crude oil at the Omišalj Terminal. The annex has extended the duration of the crude oil storage contract with DELTA-OIL INTERNATIONAL Ltd. under the take-or-pay principle until 15 April 2025 for the total capacity of 169.000 m³.

JANAF Plc. and Rijeka Trans Ltd. concluded a contract for the storage of petroleum products in JANAF’s storage facilities at the Omišalj Terminal in the total capacity of 10.000 m³ for the period from 1 August 2022 until 31 July 2025.

“JANAF has once again confirmed its key role in ensuring energy security and stability in Croatia and the wider region. We are especially pleased with the continued cooperation with our previous partners and the recognition of our company as a secure and reliable service provider for our new business partner. We firmly believe that we will continue to provide excellent services to all our partners in the future, to the satisfaction of our employees, owners and the community in which we operate”, said JANAF’s Management Board.