JANAF Plc. commissioned its first solar photovoltaic power station

17.12.2020. 11:51

Zagreb – An integrated solar photovoltaic power station of the rated output of 90 kW is commissioned at the JANAF’s Žitnjak-Zagreb Terminal. It represents JANAF’s first project made that relates to the renewable energy sources. The solar photovoltaic power station is constructed at approximately 600 m2 of the roof surface on the ancillary building at the Žitnjak Terminal. It will produce approx. 108.540 kWh of electricity annually and thus save approx. HRK 70.000,00 annually of the electricity costs. The CO2 emissions will be reduced by 65 tons on the annual level.

The roof of the existing ancillary building is chosen for the installation of the solar photovoltaic power station, and thus no soil surface area was used. Its construction was financed by JANAF’s own financial funds.

“The commissioning of the solar photovoltaic power station can be regarded as JANAF’s first step towards contemplating and implementing long-term low carbon development strategy as regards the renewable energy sources. In new development strategy of the Company, a special focus will be put on identifying the development projects, particularly in the renewables sector, and possibly also in other compatible, propulsive and highly profitable industries of high technologies, with the aim of realising higher revenues and creating new additional values. Moreover, the projects will also be considered, which can be financed from the European funds, especially the Innovation Fund, the European Green Deal and the Recovery Plan”, pointed out Stjepan Adanić, MSc., Chairman of the JANAF Management Board.