JANAF Plc. cofinanced street renovation at Virje

15.05.2008. 12:44

Virje – Mr. Ante Markov, Chairman of the Board of JANAF Plc., opened today, 16 May 2008, the renovated Đure Sudeta Street at Virje, whose renovation was cofinanced in 2007 by JANAF Plc. with the funds amounting to HRK 350.000 allocated through its Donation Programme intended for local authorities and self-government along the pipeline route.

The Virje municipal prefect, Mr. Mirko Perok thanked JANAF for its help regarding this 1,3 million worth investment and pointed out that the renovation project had included a thorough, high-quality and permanent renovation of the central street of that municipality.

JANAF’s Chairman of the Board, Mr. Markov has emphasized that company‘s business results, as well as its joining the concept of socially responsible business, enable JANAF Plc. to provide support and assistance to wider community. He also added that during the past two years the company had donated 650.000 kunas to the Virje Municipality for the restoration of the surroundings of a new sports hall of the elementary school “Prof. Franje Viktora Šignjara” and of Đure Sudeta Street.

“We will further continue to support the projects of wider social importance and especially those contributing to improvement of the quality of life of the local community,” said Mr. Markov, Chairman of the Board.

The works on the Đure Sudeta Street renovation pertained to the construction of sewage, replacement of all installations related to the utility infrastructure, gas and water pipes, transfer of electrical installations, underground cable laying and placement of decorative street lights and lamps. The surface works included the construction of a pedestrian path, certain number of parking lots, placement of curbstones and pavement plates, vertical and horizontal traffic signalization, paving and horticultural arrangement of green areas.

Besides, in the past few years JANAF Plc. has systematically planned and conducted its Donation Programme on a yearly basis, intended for counties, towns and districts, through which the pipeline route runs. The funds from the Donation Programme are allocated for financing the renovation or construction of children’s and sports playgrounds, kindergartens, counties’ roads and other projects important to the local community. In the year 2007, the following were covered by the Donation Programme: Vukovar-Srijem County, Virje Municipality, Town of Sisak, Town of Karlovac, Town of Vrbovsko, Bosiljevo Municipality and Generalski Stol Municipality. The funds donated amounted to almost 2,5 million kunas.