Extraordinary General Meeting of JANAF Plc.

03.05.2011. 12:41

Zagreb – The Extraordinary General Meeting of JADRANSKI NAFTOVOD, Joint Stock Company (hereinafter referred to as: the EGM) was held today, 3 May 2011 and was attended by the shareholders jointly holding 966 723 shares.

At the EGM the shareholders recalled the state officials from their membership in the Supervisory Board and appointed three new members instead. Under Articles 282 and 283 of the Croatian Companies Act, the shareholders at the EGM used their right of placing the counterproposal. Thus, instead of the announced resolution proposal referred to in point 4 of the announced Agenda, they adopted the counterproposal to the resolution placed by the Croatian Government as the company’s shareholder and appointed Branko Radošević, Milan Meden and Boris Makšijan as the Supervisory Board members.

The decision on appointment of the Supervisory Board members was passed with 3.485.047 votes corresponding to a portion of 99,71% of the company share capital represented by the shares for which valid votes have been cast. Other decisions were passed unanimously.

Upon completion of the EGM, the meeting of the Supervisory Board was held during which its members unanimously appointed Branko Radošević as president of the Supervisory Board.