Žitnjak Terminal

The Žitnjak Terminal is located in an eastern part of the city of Zagreb. The works within the Project of Terminal Reconstruction and Upgrade (2009 – 2014) comprised the reconstruction of rail tank transfer facility and the existing storage tanks, as well as the construction of new road loading facility and five new storage tanks with capacity of 20.000 m3 each (100 000m3 in total). Upon completion of its reconstruction and upgrade, the Žitnjak Terminal has become one of the most modern terminals for petroleum products in this part of Europe. Today, the storage tank farm at the Žitnjak Terminal consists of 35 storage tanks of different volumes, having the total capacity of 162 000 m3

At the Terminal, petroleum products can be delivered and dispatched by means of both road tanks and rail tanks. Road tanks loading and unloading are performed at the newly constructed and modern road loading facility with three loading islands, equipped with vapour recovery unit and possibilities of adding additives and biofuels.