Virje Terminal

The Virje Terminal is located between the small towns of Virje and Molve in the Đurđevac municipality. The distance between the Virje Terminal and the town of Virje is approx. three kilometres.

The functions of the Virje Terminal are the following:

  • receiving and dispatching crude oil from directions of Sisak and Hungary 
  • measuring crude oil quantities 
  • possible repumping of crude oil from the Virje Terminal towards Lendava 
  • storing crude oil

The pipeline section from the Sisak Terminal through the Virje Terminal up to Szazhalombatta (Hungary) is reversible, thus providing the possibility of crude oil transportation in both directions.

Storage tank farm at the Virje Terminal consists of the following:

  • one storage tank with capacity of 20 000 m3
  • two storage tanks with capacity 10 000 m3

Total: three storage tanks with total capacity of 40 000 m3