Carrying out procurement processes

JANAF Plc. has digitalised its procurement process in order to achieve transparency, among other things, by implementing the specialised Ensolva software solution, which ensures a single, centralised and standardised system for the management of information and data in procurement processes related to accepting tenders and communication with potential bidders.

All calls for tenders published after 03.07.2023 will be available exclusively through the Ensolva application.

In order to be able to participate in future procurement processes, we ask that you create your company’s profile using the Ensolva web application. 

  • The registration process is free and simple, and it is carried out at the following web address: The registration instructions as well as the email address and telephone number for getting support in the use of the application can be found at the bottom of the said website.
  • For registered users, the login is done at the following web address:

All published calls for tenders are available at:

Calls for on-going procurement processes published on the website of JANAF d. d. are available to all potential bidders in the same manner as previously, i.e. in the ‘Public calls for tenders’ and ‘Public tender submission’ folders, as well as all public procurement processes carried out previously, which can be found in the Archives.

An overview of the contracts concluded following the published Procurement Calls outside the Ensolva application is still available in the ‘Contracts concluded’ folder.

The notice of contracts concluded under the published Procurement Calls to be implemented through the Ensolva application will be available under the Call for each separate procurement process in the said application.