JANAF Plc. and VITOL S.A. have concluded a Contract for oil storage

27.03.2023. 11:33

Zagreb – JANAF Plc. and VITOL S.A. have concluded a Contract for oil storage at Omišalj Terminal from 1 June 2023 for the period of 6 + 6 months. Under the Contract, VITOL S.A. has reserved JANAF's capacities for the storage of 117.856 m3 of oil.

''JANAF has once again confirmed that we are ready to further the development of the energy sector through mutual activity, understanding and cooperation with our partners. Our services and capacities readily arise to the challenges of the contemporary oil market. We are pleased to fulfill the role of central Europe's door and oil hub of this part of the European Union. The best indicator of our success is the diversity of the companies with which we conclude partnership contracts, as well as the high capacity utilization of our oil transport and storage system. JANAF has ensured the safety of the supply during a period of global disturbances in the energy market, earning recognition both from the oil market and the highest governing bodies of the European Union'', said Chairman of the Board, Stjepan Adanić, MSc.

''The resumption of the company's collaboration with VITOL is the best indicator of the validity of JANAF's strategic orientation. We are extremely pleased with the growing number of partners from the oil sector. The partners in question are prominent global and regional oil companies which have decided to put their trust in us. During the coming period, we will continue our intense business activities in order to maintain existing contracts and conclude new ones to the satisfaction of both parties. We shall stay attuned to the market needs and respond in a timely manner so as to adapt our capacities to companies interested in collaboration'', said Board Member Vladislav Veselica.