11.10.2023. 14:58

Zagreb – JANAF Plc concluded a Memorandum of Understanding with the Seoul-based company SK E&S Co., Ltd. on this day, 11 October 2023. The Memorandum concerns a possible future business collaboration in the area of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency with the aim of promoting innovative solutions for a successful energy transition.

''It is with great pleasure that we welcome the collaboration with one of the world's leaders in sustainable energy supply. SK E&S Co. is a renowned global supplier of clean energy solutions and, as such, can act as a partner who can pass over experiences, knowledge and technologies for JANAF's coming transition into an integrated energy company. JANAF will use advanced technologies based on scientific innovations in order to create energy solutions for the wider community, which will have a positive social impact and ensure the company's long-term existence and success'', JANAF said in a statement.

The company SK E&S Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999 as a South Korea-based global energy company focused on building a green portfolio. The company's annual revenue is around 8 billion EUR. It is the first Korean company to enter all the links in the value chain of liquefied natural gas (LNG) usage. SK E&S Co. invests heavily in solar photovoltaic plants, wind energy, the production of green carbon and the global spread of its business in renewables and the decrease of carbon emissions. SK E&S is a part of the SK Group, founded in 1953, the second largest South Korean corporation, strategically focused on advanced materials, biopharmaceuticals, green and digital.