JANAF concluded new business contract with Czech Unipetrol

27.02.2019. 13:20

Zagreb – Dragan Kovačević, DSc., Chairman of the Management Board of JANAF Plc. and Krzysztof Zdziarski, CEO of Unipetrol met at the annual IP Week conference in London, and signed a new contract on business activities by which JANAF Plc. opens new international markets.

The contract represents a new business activity of JANAF Plc. in the international business environment and a new step forward of the company as a strategic factor and indispensable partner in the oil business on the map of the Central and Eastern Europe.

“The Adria Pipeline (JANAF pipeline) represents an option for the Czech Republic and the entire Central Europe to further strengthen the security of supplies because it provides an alternative in a case of any interruption of supplies from the Druzhba pipeline or in a case of capacity shortfall via the highly utilised TAL Pipeline. To launch crude oil transportation through the Adria Pipeline to the Czech Republic, we only need to conclude transportation agreements with our Hungarian and Slovak partners where the pipeline runs. We believe we will be able to close the negotiations soon since the stability of the Central European space is the top objective of all stakeholders“, said Krzysztof Zdziarski, CEO of Unipetrol. In the Czech Republic, Unipetrol operates two refineries – one in Litvínov and the other in Kralupy nad Vltavou. Their total annual nominal production capacity is 8.7 million tonnes of crude oil. The Adria pipeline (JANAF pipeline) can be used to supply crude oil both to the refineries in Kralupy and in Litvínov. Last year, the volume of crude oil processed by Unipetrol amounted to 7.6 million tonnes.

“JANAF as the strategic national company has grown into a very active and significant regional factor on the territory of the Central and Eastern Europe, and owing to this new contract, it strengthens the Croatian economic position. All this should lead, of course, to maintaining a continuity of good business results which is a safe course that other companies in Croatia should follow”, said Dragan Kovačević, DSc., Chairman of the JANAF Management Board.