4th International Energy & Oil Conference “Energy Industry and Oil Companies in 21st Century Challenges”

30.11.2018. 12:35

Zagreb – This year’s 4th International Energy & Oil Conference entitled “Energy Industry and Oil Companies in 21st Century Challenges”, organised by JANAF Plc. and Transneft, under the media sponsorship of Lider, Croatian weekly business magazine, was held at the Hotel Esplanade in Zagreb, on 21 November 2018.

The conference was opened by dr.sc. Tomislav Ćorić, special envoy of Croatian Prime Minister and Minister of the Environment and Energy. The welcoming remarks were given by dr.sc. Goran Marić, Minister of State Property, as well as by dr.sc. Dragan Kovačević, Chairman of the JANAF Management Board and, on behalf of Nikolay Tokarev, President of Transneft, by Sergey Kazanstev.

In his welcoming remarks, dr.sc. Dragan Kovačević, Chairman of the JANAF Management Board, pointed out that the JANAF’s conference has traditionally become a gathering place for the oil, scientific and professional public, where the opinions, information and experiences are exchanged on the challenges facing the energy and oil markets.

“Without initiating new investment cycles, Croatia will become completely dependent on the energy imports. Therefore, our Ministry has placed an emphasis on the energy projects, on the domestic production revitalisation and the supply routes diversification. The oil industry is under the strong influence of global geopolitical relations, and in this context, Croatia can realise its chance in which it will be able to offer to the companies a stable investment environment”, pointed out Minister dr.sc. Tomislav Ćorić in his opening remarks.

Minister dr.sc. Goran Marić, who is also the President of the JANAF’s General Meeting, said in his welcoming remarks: “When we speak about the energy, no state can allow itself the luxury of improvisation, relaxedness and indifference. Our knowledge and insights need to be always fresh, recent and anticipatory. Therefore, I understand the reasons and motivation of this event and its host, the company of JANAF, Croatian international oil transportation system. If we take a look at the current trend of intensifying the production of all major global oil producers and thus also a drop in crude oil prices, then we can observe that the crude oil remains among the primary energy sources. In light of such indicator, Croatia as the state of the smaller economy, technically speaking, will remain for long, the significant consumer of oil, besides gas, as primary energy source. Thus, it is important that we show the responsibility, whose argument and the indicator will be the existence of a healthy and applicable strategy.”

The conference included several presentations and three panel discussions, namely “Energy strategies of oil companies for the 21st century”, “Role of the Adriatic region in European supply of crude oil and petroleum products” and “Energy companies in realisation of energy, climate and economic development”, with the active participation of the representatives of distinguished companies and consulting firms.

The conference gathered over 200 participants from Croatia and abroad, from the energy, banking, scientific and professional sectors. The topics to be discussed at the conference relate to challenges facing the energy and oil market, low-carbon development strategy, the EU policy on the energy supply security, issues of safe crude oil transportation and supply, as well as more and more complex operating conditions of oil companies, such as tougher competition, cost growth, price volatility, maintaining profitability and other.

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