Sisak Terminal

The Sisak Terminal is located in a southern industrial zone of the town of Sisak, next to the village of Crnac, on km 180 of the Omišalj-Sisak oil pipeline route. The Sisak Terminal serves for receipt of crude oil from the direction of the Omišalj and Virje Terminals, its storage and further dispatch towards:

  • INA Sisak Oil Refinery 
  • Virje Terminal and further towards Gola (Hungarian border)
  • Slavonski Brod Terminal and further towards Bosanski Brod (Bosnian and Herzegovinian border), and the Brod Oil Refinery respectively, and Sotin Metering Station (Serbian border) and further towards the refineries in Novi Sad and Pančevo.

Storage tank farm for crude oil at the Sisak Terminal consists of the following:

  • seven storage tanks with capacity of 80 000 m3each
  • four storage tanks with capacity of 20 000 m3each
  • two storage tanks with capacity of 10 000 m3each

Total: thirteen storage tanks with total capacity of 660 000 m3

The storage tanks are connected by means of handling pipings to the following supply pipelines:

  • Omišalj - Sisak pipeline and 
  • Virje - Sisak.

Crude oil pumping towards the Virje and Slavonski Brod Terminals is performed through pumping stations consisting of booster and main pumps.

In the Terminal building, there is the Main Control Centre, whose task is to control the transport of the entire oil pipeline system.